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Our Vision

UNTIL was created in a sharing based economy with the creative commons license in mind, which is an incentive to discover independent artists, artisans and entrepreneurs.

Our first book, “Let Me Be” was made with passion and if we don't necessarily change the world, we'd like at least to make our humble contribution to an education model that's oriented towards the free development of the individual's personality. We don’t have any teaching diploma, and we don’t want to replace educators or teachers -- we need them. But we’d like to use our media background and creative skills to encourage autonomy, to develop critical judgment and thought and the desire to learn.

Creation is the purpose of our lives, and as independent entrepreneurs, we've chosen to create in respect to our values. It allows us to establish a personal connection with you and create a community which shares the same values... and who knows, maybe make this world a better place!

If you liked “Let Me Be” and you’d like to help us continue to create, you can buy our hardcover book here. You can also support us with a donation of your choice and to thank you, you will be able to download a pdf version of our book “Let Me Be”.

We sincerely thank you for your interest in our work and you can rest assured that our future creations will always aim to be a source of inspiration for children.

Juliette & Arno.

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Let Me Be

Be yourself among others

“Let Me Be” is an invitation for adults to talk with their children and help them extend their thinking about finding their place in society. Being oneself is an obstacle-strewn path especially due to the complexity of relationships with others. This book can help children with the challenge of making choices, heighten their self-esteem, and prepare them to face with courage the difficulties they might encounter.

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